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Resolve Credit Card Debt and Personal Loans
in as Little as 24 - 48 Months

Resolve Credit Card Debt
& Personal Loans in as Little as
24 - 48 Months

Texas Debt Management License: 1900064636-215879

Texas Debt Management License: 1900064636-215879

Debt Consolidation Texas

San Antonio Debt Relief , San Antonio Debt Consolidation, San Antonio Credit Counseling, San Antonio Debt Relief Consultations are free of charge with no obligation. Clients who make monthly program payments generally experience an approximate 50% reduction of their enrolled balance before fees, or a 35-45% reduction after payment of settlement fees over a 24-48 month period. Individual results may vary based on ability to save sufficient funds, ability to complete the program and the creditors enrolled. Statements made are examples of past performance and are not intended to be a guarantee that your debt balances will be lowered by a specific amount or percentage, that you will be debt-free within a specific time period. Settlement fees are not charged until a debt is reduced and payment has been made to creditor. We do not assume consumer debt, make monthly payments to creditors, or provide tax, bankruptcy, accounting, or legal advice. We do not provide credit repair services. Optional separate legal services may be offered by affiliated attorneys and any attorney fees are separate from those charged by Debt Redemption Inc. Please contact a tax professional to discuss any possible tax consequences of paying less than the full balance. Programs available in Texas. Logos used are property of their respective owners.

Debt Consolidation in San Antonio Texas and Debt Relief in San Antonio Texas may help resolve overwhelming credit card and personal loan debt problems.

If you live in San Antonio, Texas, and are considering debt consolidation or debt relief, the information below can help you decide which option to get out of debt.

Most San Antonio residents with overwhelming debt want to avoid bankruptcy if possible. But what other options are there to consolidate debt? Debt consolidation loans are one option for some people but are very difficult to qualify for. If you have excellent credit scores, you can try your local bank or credit union in San Antonio to see if you are eligible for a debt consolidation loan. If your credit score is not at least 720, you may find it challenging to qualify. Your income will also be a large determining factor in your qualification for a debt consolidation loan in San Antonio, Texas.

Debt consolidation San Antonio options include credit counseling. Also known as debt management plans, these options do not require good credit scores and may reduce your interest rates. Debt enrolled must be unsecured such as a credit card debt or personal loans with no collateral attached. Not all unsecured debts will qualify to consolidate debt in San Antonio with a credit counseling debt management plan. If you enroll in a credit counseling plan, you will make one payment per month, and it will be distributed amongst your creditors.

The other option for debt relief in San Antonio is to use a debt settlement or debt negotiation plan. Debt relief in this manner is different compare to credit counseling because small monthly payments are not made to your creditors. Your creditors will be negotiated and settled for less than you owe with funds saved in a special savings account. Your monthly payments could be much lower compared to making minimum payments or credit counseling in San Antonio. Consolidating debt in this manner may be the best option if you are behind in payments or will eventually fall behind if you don’t get debt help in San Antonio. If you need the lowest monthly cost, possible debt settlement in San Antonio may be a great option.

It is important to use a local debt consolidation company in San Antonio because out-of-state companies may not understand the debt relief Texas laws that could provide you additional benefits if they are utilized. Debt Redemption is also able to help with pre-existing creditor lawsuits and has an exclusive relationship with a top Texas creditor lawsuit defense attorney that will provide special rates to Debt Redemptions Texas Debt Relief clients in San Antonio.

With multiple offices in Texas, Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief is headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, and provides debt management services in the entire loan star state. Debt Redemption does not provide San Antonio debt consolidation loans but can make recommendations for your unique situation, if applicable. Debt Redemption does provide credit counseling San Antonio debt management plans and debt relief San Antonio plans with debt negotiation and debt settlement for Texas residents. Debt Redemption will explain your options and provide free phone and San Antonio Debt Consolidation and San Antonio Debt Relief office consultation free with no obligation. Call 210-503-1099 to learn about Debt Relief San Antonio and Debt Consolidation San Antonio options. Debt Redemption Texas Debt Relief: 40 NE Loop 410, Suite 408, San Antonio, Texas 78213.

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